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Ch Flyway Farm's Single Girl (Tinder)

Tinder, one year old

We are thrilled to add Tinder to our pack.. She's a dynamite puppy with lots of potential in both show and field. Thank-you to Xan Latta for letting her come to Blazingstar. She has a lot in common with her grandmother, Kona, which we are very pleased about.

At her first show in January, she won Winners Female all three days and racked up 6 championship points. Then we let her grow up a bit and got her registration sorted out before going back in the show ring in August. She completed her championship in two days by winning Best of Winners and Best of Opposite two days in a row.

Personality: Tinder is a boisterous, rough-and-tumble and determined girl! She has her own mind about things and loves to follow her nose (so much so that we call her the "brown beagle"). In the house she always has to be carrying a pillow or cushion around, and we often find all of our couch cushions hoarded upstairs in our office! She has a great temperament and gets along fabulously with every dog she meets. Tinder was the perfect "aunt" with Larkin's litter this summer.

Working Ability: Overflowing with drive and confidence, our challenge is to channel these skills into working for us. We are getting there and she is showing great potential as a hunting dog, with pin-point marking, one of the best noses we've seen and incredible perservence in finding birds.

Conformation: Tinder is soundly built with lovely angulation in front and rear and a super topline and tailset. She moves a little wide in the front at times, but presents a lovely picture from the side. Her head is very pleasing, with a dark eye for a liver. She has a lovely deep muzzle which can so often be lacking in bitches.


Date of Birth: June 18th, 2016

Colour: Liver

Gender: Female

Bred by: Alexandra Latta, Flyway Farm




Coefficient of Inbreeding (to 8 generations): 2.1%

Genetic Diversity Analysis: Internal Relatedness = -0.11



Tinder at 3 months old




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