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Ch Blazingstar Tinbergen CD WC RN

Date of Birth: September 27th, 2006

Colour: Liver, does not carry yellow

Gender: Male


EyesCERF NORMAL MAY 2013 (distichiasis), FR-2438, NORMAL AUGUST 2014
Gonioscopy mildy affected

Patellas: OFA NORMAL FR-PA1203/17M/P-VPI


Coefficient of Inbreeding (to 8 generations): 1.6%

Favourite activities:
Playing with other dogs, holding our hand or sleeve when going on walks, meeting new dogs and making friends, anything that involves BIRDS, finding gross dead things on walks (e.g. long-dead rabbits, pigeons, deer bones....), carrying anything and everything in his mouth, washing our cat and best of all, puppy-sitting.

Theme song:
The Tin Man by America.

Favourite food:
Pretty much anything and everything that is even remotely edible


Tinbie is a bold, confident, charming and clownish dog and nothing seems to worry him. He loves travelling and going on trips to dog shows, training and visiting friends.

He gets along fabulously with all other dogs and enjoys enticing everyone to play. He continues to have a passion for smaller breeds and enjoys visiting with puppies, jack russells, corgis...etc. He was a marvelous big brother to the puppies in Lupine's second litter and a fantastic uncle to Teva's puppies. Our cat, Salander, likes him best of all our dogs.

Working Ability:

Tinbie is an exceptionally birdy dog. He was born during hunting season and was carrying big mallards around while still with the rest of the litter. Like his parents, he is quite a calm worker, but gets the job done. He has an excellent nose and regularly finds and brings us dead things on walks..... In training his enthusiasm overides his ability to focus at times, but as he gets older his attention span has improved

He is a confident swimmer and is comfortable and bold in the water. Tinbie passed his Working Certificate test on his first try.

Tinbie has completed his rally novice title and at some point we will enter the obedience ring and do some more rally as well.


Tinbie has very sound structure and movement. He is clean-moving with excellent reach and drive and is sound both coming and going. He is nicely angulated, has terrific bone and substance, a correct croup, tailset and topline, excellent length of neck and a long rib cage. He has a pleasing and masculine head, with a long, deep muzzle, good eye shape and soft expression. Feet are deep, strong and tight. His coat is a rich dark colour and of correct texture, although like all livers, he does bleach in our summer sun.

Tinbie finishd his championship very quickly, from the 6-9 month puppy class. On his way to his championship, he won three Best Puppy in Sporting Groups. At the FCRSA 2007 specialty, he placed 2nd in his puppy sweepstakes class. At the FCRSA 2008 specialty he won the bred-by exhibitor class and then went on to win Winners Dog and a Judge's Award of Merit. Unfortunately we were unaware that he could not be entered in the bred-by class under his CKC number, so we did not get to keep the 5 point major win. We still love him though! In 2012 he won Reserve Winners Dog at the FCRSA Specialty from the bred-by exhbitor class under breeder/judge Wies Boermans.

At the FCRSC specialty in 2009 Tinbie made it into the very final cut of about 15 dogs out of 127 entered. At the FCRSAlberta specialty in 2009, Tinbie won Best in Specialty.

In 2010 we showed Tinbie as a special at a handful of shows and he was awarded two Group 3rds. He finished the year as the #4 flat-coated retriever in Canada.

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This video shows Tinbie's wonderful temperament:


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