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Ch Blazingstar Brown Whimbrel CD WC

Born April 24th, 2004

Liver Female

Owned by Peter and Robin Haney

Hips OFA Excellent; Eyes CERF clear, gonioscopy unaffected

Tima is the puppy we kept from our first litter. Although she is a lovely dog, we chose not to use her in our breeding program, although that is a decision that we sometimes regret. Tima has been living with her brother, Macleod, for many years now where she is doted on by her owners.


Can Ch Prairielights Munin Can CD (COI 1.5%)
Belsud Black Taurus (COI 12.1%)
29 Sep 1998 Black
Ch Belsud Brown Guiness (COI 2.2%)
21 Jun 1996 Liver
Waverton Toby Ale Of Varingo (COI 3.7%)
14 Aug 1994 Liver
Belsud Black Pepper (COI 23.2%)
11 Mar 1993 Black
Belsud Willow The Wisp (COI 16.2%)
21 Oct 1993 Black
Sh Ch Taranbeck Mossberg (COI 6.9%)
19 Dec 1986 Black
Belsud Black Cherry (COI 15.0%)
21 Jun 1991 Black
Prairielights Juliet (COI 7.1%)
24 Apr 1994 Black
Am Ch, Can Ch O'Flanagan What's Cooking (COI 6.4%)
2 Dec 1988 Liver
O'Flanagan Mind You (COI 2.3%)
1 Jan 1984 Black
Lacetrom Dailuaine (COI 11.0%)
30 May 1985 Black
Am Ch O'Flanagan Terra Ignota (COI 3.4%)
7 Dec 1988 Black
O'Flanagan Blixt & Dunder (COI 5.9%)
3 Jan 1987 Black
O'Flanagan Rule Britannia (COI 8.6%)
30 Jan 1982 Black
Can Ch Flatterhaft Foxy Brown CDX, JH, WC, SHDX (COI 8.2%)
7 May 2001 Liver
DKU Ch, SU Ch Flatterhaft Cafe Japan (COI 2.5%) Rudskog's Swift Bunyan Tigergutt (COI 7.6%) NU CH Cariena's Fifteen-Eight (COI 10.8%)
2 Aug 1985 Black
Bunyan's Sweet Georgia Brown (COI 14.3%)
NU CH, SU Ch, SV Ch Flatterhaft Swedish Erotica (COI 3.1%)
9 Apr 1994 Liver
Am Ch, Can Ch O'Flanagan What's Cooking (COI 6.4%)
2 Dec 1988 Liver
NordU Ch, SV Ch Raas-Line's Northern Bell (COI 2.7%)
Flatterhaft Bell Below the Crow (COI 3.8%) FINU Ch, SU Ch Toffeedreams White Tie Affair (COI 3.8%)
5 Apr 1996 Liver
O'Flanagan Illuster (COI 6.3%)
26 Nov 1990 Black
Lady Doc's Flicka I Frack (COI 3.8%)
1 Nov 1993 Black
NordU Ch, SV Ch Raas-Line's Northern Bell (COI 2.7%) NU CH, SU Ch Paco-Rabanne (COI 3.4%)
FINU Ch, IntU Ch, SU Ch Minnies Eastern Bell (COI 3.5%)