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Ch Flatterhaft Foxy Brown WCI JH CDX SHDX

Date of Birth: May 7th, 2001

Colour: Liver

Gender: Female

Bred by: Anneli Karlsson and Anna Lyckner, Sweden


EyesCERF NORMAL (distichia), Gonioscopy UNAFFECTED

Coefficient of Inbreeding (to 8 gens): 8.2%



Determined, enthusiastic and affectionate are words that describe Tally to a "T". She was also known as the "Tallygator" (a reference to the way she ate her food and her ability to carry many items at once).

Visiting with people, of all ages, was one of her favourite things to do. She especially loved children and would pull us towards them when she saw them, just for an opportunity to meet them. She had a very endearing way of expressing her affection - snuggling up to people with her eyes completely closed and the corners of her mouth curled up in a submissive smile. We are quite sure she knew exactly how irresistable that made her look!

Tally did everything at great speed and with massive amounts of enthusiasm. She was one of those dogs who needed to be carrying something in her mouth at all times.On walks she picked the largest, heaviest stick ("log" would be a better description) to carry around. Being the Toy Queen of our household, Tally was skilled in the art of carrying two or more toys at the same time. Once she was found with THREE kongs in her mouth! 

Tally had discovered her "inner coyote" and we would sometimes catch her howling along with the neighbourhood coyotes.

Working Ability:

One of Tally's strongest attributes was her desire and enthusiasm for work of any kind. She easily passed her Working Certificate Test. She got her Junior Hunter title in three straight tries (albeit with 3 years inbetween!) and gained her WCI in her later years. We hunted waterfowl with Tally and was a steady and skillful hunting retriever in the field. She never gave up looking for a fallen bird, even in difficult situations.

Tally loved obedience work and she completed her CDX title (companion dog excellent). She won "High in Class" all three times on her way to her title and a High in Trial at the Canadian Specialty. She was the #5 flat-coated retriever in obedience in 2005. We were close to being ready to compete in Utility.

Tally also raced on the Due South scent hurdle team. She finished her SHDX (scent hurdle dog excellent).


Tally was a sturdy, but feminine dog. She was 23 inches high and weighed 63lbs. She was a strong and substantial female, with plenty of bone, a deep chest, well-sprung rib cage and good front and rear angulation. Her side movement was spectacular, with excellent reach and drive.

Tally finished her Cdn championship at 15 months old. She was shown occasionally as a special, usually taking Best of Opposite to Huxley. At the 2005 FCRSC Specialty show she made it in to the final line-up for Best of Breed and won the Working Bitch class and the Brood Bitch class. She won the Brood Bitch class again at the 2006 specialty.

And here's a little celebration of just how much she could carry at once:

Pedigree of Ch Flatterhaft Foxy Brown CDX WC

Flatterhaft Café Japan

NUCh Rudskog's Swift Bunyan Tigergutt NUCh Cariena's Fifteen-Eight Shargleam Blackcap Damases Tarquol of Ryshot
Yonday Willow Warbler of Shargleam
Cariena's Seven-Ten Woodland Whipper-in
Cariena's One-Seven
Bunyan's Sweet Georgia Brown NUCH SFUCH Brenna's Bunyan Heronsflight Tinker
NUCH Woodlands Wagtail
Paddiswood Burnt Willow Wizardwood Tawny Owl
Heronsflight Burnt Sugar
SUNUCh SVCh Flatterhaft Swedish Erotica CanCh O'Flanagan What's Cooking O'Flanagan Mind You Splendid
Nordic CH Romayn Gypsophilla
Lacetrom Dailuaine GB CH Exclyst Bernard
Moelswood Belle of Lacetrom
SVCh NorDuCh Raas-Lin's Northern Bell SU NUCh Paco-Rabanne Multi Ch Almanza Larry O'Grady
Almanza Open Invitation
Minnie's Eastern Bell Boby Brown
INT SUCH SFUCH Minnie's Blue Bell
SVCh BP Flatterhaft Bell Below the Crow SUCh Toffedreams White-tie Affair O'Flanagan Illuster Gunhills Ear of Esophagus INT SUCh FINCh Gunhills Criss-Cross
Gunhills Little Ear of Maize
SUCh O'Flanagan Lilla Fjus Pepparkaka SUCH O'Flanagan Ostgotica
SUCh O'Flanagan Futura Display
Lady-Doc's Flicka I Frack Almanza Frack I Frack NUCh Cariena's Fifteen-Eight
NUCh Almanza Now or Never
Lady Doc's Nalle-Maya NUCh Nv-85 Lady Doc's Natanael
SUCh Seareovers Tildas Signe
SVCh NorDuCh Raas-Lin's Northern Bell SU NUCh Paco-Rabanne Multi Ch Almanza Larry O'Grady Gunhills Ear of Esophagus
Scarlet O'Hara
Almanza Open Invitation
Minnie's Eastern Bell Boby Brown
INT SUCH SFUCH Minnie's Blue Bell