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GCh Blazingstar Puffin RN


Date of Birth: July 07, 2010

Colour: Black, carries liver

Gender: Female

Bred by: Blazingstar


EyesCERF NORMAL FEB 2012, MAY 2013, AUG 2014 FR-366661, DEC 2016, JAN 2017

Patellas: OFA NORMAL FR-PA1807/12F/P-VPI

Heart: Echocardiogram Normal November 2016

Coefficient of Inbreeding (to 8 generations): 0.8%

Genetic Diversity Analysis: Internal Relatedness = 0.22


Favourite activities:
Retrieving, digging, carrying firewood everywhere (almost to the point of an obsession), playing with the other dogs, swimming, running, running and more running, trying to catch ground squirrels (and occasionally succeeding).

Theme song:
It often takes a few years to settle on the right song for a dog, but Bruce Springstein's "Born to Run" suits Puffin very well.

Favourite food:
Firewood, meaty bones, cheese and just about everything else.


Puffin is an interesting mix of soft and snuggly combined with tremendous energy, speed and stamina. She is not an attention-getter like Cava, but worms her way into people's hearts through her cute demeanor. Outside she is a speed demon and can easily outrun all of our other dogs. For the most part she is a very easy and sweet dog to have around, atlhough like her mother, sleeping-in is not her cup of tea.

Working Ability:

Although slow to mature mentally, Puffin has learned the basics of obedience and can perform very nicely at home. Away from home, she is less confident and is not a fan of show environments, but that is improving with age. She got her Rally Novice title with high in classes.

Field work is her real passion and we are thrilled with her natural abilities and training progress. She marks beautifully and is very biddable in the field, always racing back to her handler at top speed with the bumper or bird. She's a strong and keen swimmer, but she sometimes lacks confidence in unfamiliar water bodies. She is natural at quartering and never fails to find the partridges on our walks.


Puffin has a pretty head, lovely eye and soft expression. Like her grandmother, Lupine, she is very sturdily built, but has a more elegant profile. Her rib cage is long and deep. She moves with great reach and drive and has a strong front and rear. She sometimes carries the second half of her tail a little higher than we would like, but usually only when she is feeling rather full of herself. When in full coat, she has lovely length of coat and feathering, but she does go through some quite extreme shedding episodes. She finished her Canadian championship very quickly before turning a year old. At the FCRSA specialty in 2012 she won the bred-by exhibitor class under judge Wies Boermans. At the FCRSC specialty in 2012, Puffin remained in the final line up for best of breed until the very end, handled beautifully by Remus's breeder, Hayley Tomlinson. In early 2015 she was shown twice as a special, winning Best of Breed both times and earning 7 grand championship points. She is now just 4 points away from finishing her Grand Championship. In 2016 she placed 2nd in the Open Bitch class at the FCRSA Specialty.

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