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Blazingstar Black Plover

Born April 24th, 2004

Black Male

Owned by Peter and Robin Haney


Macleod was the pick male from our first litter and what a little stand-out he was! Unfortunately he was cryptorchid (only one testicle descended) and his bite was not quite right (level to undershot), so he was neutered. None-the-less, he is a wonderful dog, brimming with charisma and charm.


Can Ch Prairielights Munin Can CD (COI 1.5%)
Belsud Black Taurus (COI 12.1%)
29 Sep 1998 Black
Ch Belsud Brown Guiness (COI 2.2%)
21 Jun 1996 Liver
Waverton Toby Ale Of Varingo (COI 3.7%)
14 Aug 1994 Liver
Belsud Black Pepper (COI 23.2%)
11 Mar 1993 Black
Belsud Willow The Wisp (COI 16.2%)
21 Oct 1993 Black
Sh Ch Taranbeck Mossberg (COI 6.9%)
19 Dec 1986 Black
Belsud Black Cherry (COI 15.0%)
21 Jun 1991 Black
Prairielights Juliet (COI 7.1%)
24 Apr 1994 Black
Am Ch, Can Ch O'Flanagan What's Cooking (COI 6.4%)
2 Dec 1988 Liver
O'Flanagan Mind You (COI 2.3%)
1 Jan 1984 Black
Lacetrom Dailuaine (COI 11.0%)
30 May 1985 Black
Am Ch O'Flanagan Terra Ignota (COI 3.4%)
7 Dec 1988 Black
O'Flanagan Blixt & Dunder (COI 5.9%)
3 Jan 1987 Black
O'Flanagan Rule Britannia (COI 8.6%)
30 Jan 1982 Black
Can Ch Flatterhaft Foxy Brown CDX, JH, WC (COI 8.2%)
7 May 2001 Liver
DKU Ch, SU Ch Flatterhaft Cafe Japan (COI 2.5%) Rudskog's Swift Bunyan Tigergutt (COI 7.6%) NU CH Cariena's Fifteen-Eight (COI 10.8%)
2 Aug 1985 Black
Bunyan's Sweet Georgia Brown (COI 14.3%)
NU CH, SU Ch, SV Ch Flatterhaft Swedish Erotica (COI 3.1%)
9 Apr 1994 Liver
Am Ch, Can Ch O'Flanagan What's Cooking (COI 6.4%)
2 Dec 1988 Liver
NordU Ch, SV Ch Raas-Line's Northern Bell (COI 2.7%)
Flatterhaft Bell Below the Crow (COI 3.8%) FINU Ch, SU Ch Toffeedreams White Tie Affair (COI 3.8%)
5 Apr 1996 Liver
O'Flanagan Illuster (COI 6.3%)
26 Nov 1990 Black
Lady Doc's Flicka I Frack (COI 3.8%)
1 Nov 1993 Black
NordU Ch, SV Ch Raas-Line's Northern Bell (COI 2.7%) NU CH, SU Ch Paco-Rabanne (COI 3.4%)
FINU Ch, IntU Ch, SU Ch Minnies Eastern Bell (COI 3.5%)