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GCh Blazingstar Galwey WC RN HIC CGN (Lync)



Lync is loved, trained and raised by Jolene McCuaig in Lethbridge. He is Jolene's first flat-coat and she is doing a great job training him in obedience, agility, field work and scent hurdle racing. Lync easily passed his WC (twice!) at a year of age.

While a little unusual for flat-coats, living with collies seems to have rubbed off on him, as Lync passed his Herding Instinct Certificate in May 2015.

He is a moderately sized and well-balanced dog who still has a fair amount of maturing to do. But we really like what we see so far! He has a very pleasing head with a kind expression.

He is close to finishing his Grand Championship and he won a Group 4th the first time he was shown as a special.

Lync sired a litter at Radford Retrievers in 2016 and we are very pleased with what he produced.



Date of Birth: August 24, 2013

Colour: Black, carries liver

Gender: Male

Bred by: Blazingstar

Hips:OFA Excellent FR-5675E24M-VPI

Elbows::OFA Normal FR-EL2624M24-VPI

Eyes: Clear, including gonioscopy (August 2015)

Patellas: Normal FR-PA2332/24M/P-VPI

Coefficient of Inbreeding (to 8 generations): 0.6%

Genetic Diversity Analysis: Internal Relatedness = 0.00



Lync and Jolene and their FCRSC Versatility Award:




Lync liked to run around with the food bowls as a baby puppy. He still carries his bowl around as an adult!

Lync at 8 weeks.

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