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Ch Prairielights Blazingstar Kini CDX WC JH RE SHDX

Date of Birth: April 14, 2003

Colour: Liver, does not carry yellow

Gender: Female

Bred by: Hans and Margareta Berin, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan


Eyes: CERF NORMAL FEB 2012 (age 9yrs). Gonioscopy Mildly Affected

Patellas: OFA NORMAL

Coefficient of Inbreeding (to 8 gens): 3.0%

Favourite activities:
Retrieving, hunting, obedience, scent hurdle racing, playing with people and dogs, raising puppies.

Favourite indoor activities:
Sleeping in a sunbeam, random acts of barking (just to keep the other dogs on their toes), eating kleenex

Theme song:
"Loopy Loopy" - sung to the tune of the song "Louie Louie".

Favourite food:
Beer, meaty bones and pretty much any kind of food


Lupine is an exceptionally sweet dog with a cheeky sense of humour. She has an outstanding temperament and is everyone's friend. She was an exceptional mother to the puppies in her own two litters and participated in raising both Tally and Teva's litters. She is a bold little dog with tons of confidence and stability. She loves to work, whether it be obedience, hunting, agility or scent hurdle racing. She is not a worrier, like some flat-coats, which makes trialing with her a real joy.

Her nickname is "Snoopy Loopy", as she has a tendancy to stick her nose in places where it doesn't necessarily belong - such as garbage cans, the dishwasher, other people's handbags and so on.....

Lupine is a real pleasure to have around. She is very undemanding, laidback, loving and calm. She is ridiculously tolerant of our the antics of our younger dogs. We named her after the flower, Lupine, because it is derived from "Lupinus" , meaning wolf-like. We thought it was a suitable name that would honour her sire, O'Flanagan Dances with Wolfes. As Lupine likes to have a good howl from time to time, it is doubly appropriate.


Working Ability:

Lupine's working ability is one of her strongest attributes. She is a determined retriever, who never gives up, but at the same time she listens to us and is a stable and calm worker. She has excellent marking skills, a fantastic nose and is an enthusiastic and keen swimmer. She is everything we look for in a working dog. Lupine is an excellent hunting companion on duck, goose and pheasant hunts.She has her Working Certificate and Junior Hunter titles.

Lupine also enjoys obedience and at two years old she finished her CD with a High in Trial.  She is a happy working dog and her confidence and good attitude shines through in the ring. In November 2008 she finished her CDX title with scores in the high 190's and a High in Class. We are working on Utility and she is very close to being ready to compete.

In 2011, Lupine and Liz started competing in scent hurdle racing with our team, Due South. She quickly completed her Scent Hurdle Dog Excellent.



Lupine is a moderately sized female, standing 22.5 inches tall. She has a powerful front, with a super shoulder layback, lovely upper arm and prominent brisket. Her bone and substance means that she does not looks as elegant as many of today's flat-coats females, but she is reminiscent of working gundogs from the past. Her coat is glossy dark brown of correct texture, although sometimes she carries rather a lot of it, making her look heavier than she actually is. She has excellent feet and moves well. Lupine is a very strong and sturdy retriever, capable of carrying a large Canada Goose. Her skull is perhaps a little broad, but she has a long, wide muzzle to match and good fill under her eye. Her weakest point is a slightly low tailset.

Like many flat-coats she keeps getting better with age. At 7.5 years old she won Best Veteran in sweepstakes at the Alberta specialty show under UK judge Sue Jones.

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Lupine Winning High in Trial and her last CD leg


Lupine at 9 years old



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