Huxley is a useful retriever on bird hunts and is a happy and willing worker. He passed his Working Certificate on his first try at the FCRSC specialty in August 2002. Huxley is a very steady and patient dog while we are hunting and he is an excellent marker, pin-pointing most falls. On his first duck hunt he happily retrieved 14 ducks from icy cold waters in December. At 9 years old, he continues to be a great hunting dog, perfectly capable of working several days in a row.

Huxley completed his CD obedience title in November 2004. He won "High in Class" with each qualifying score, and all his scores were in the 190s.

In 2009 we have started competing in Rally Obedience, which Huxley loves. He quickly earned his Rally Novice title, with placements each time. We moved him up to the Advanced class in 2010 and he won the class.

Huxley heeling (nice movement, silly hat!)
Huxley bringing back a mallard drake. This bird flew a long way before falling from the sky. Huxley did not see it fall, so we sent him on a blind retirieve across a very cold river in late December.
A successful hunt, December 2006