Named after Thomas Huxley, a contemporary of Darwin, we figured Huxley was an appropriate name for a smart dog!  He is a smart dog, but sometimes we wonder if "Linus" would have been more appropriate. Huxley likes to carry his security blankets around, take a soft toy to bed with him or preferably a piece of our clothing.

He is basically a big lap dog and would happily lie on the floor, being petted, all day long. When he sleeps, he often lies upside-down, on his back, feet in the air.

One of his goofy antics includes retrieving the cones we use to mark a bumper pile in training (he's supposed to be retrieving the bumpers!). When he's happy, he has to be carrying something and will make do with whatever is available - a sock, the water dish, a broom, a leaf, a book, a dog get the picture.

Huxley wins the "waggiest" tail award in our household. Putting anything on the coffee table is just not an option when Huxley's around. We fondly call it the "tail of mass destruction".

Huxley loves to show and nothing gets him more excited than a large cheering section. His exuberant and happy character shines through.

Favourite activities:
Snuggling, showing, retrieving and playing wildly with our other dogs

Favourite indoor activity:
Sleeping, getting his nails cut (really!)

Theme song:
"Sweet Hux-A-Lee" (sung to the tune of Neil Diamond's Sweet Caroline)