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Am/Can Ch Bramatha Under Pressure CD WC RA


Date of Birth: January 09, 2010

Colour: Black, carries liver, unknown yellow

Gender: Female

Bred by: Sarah Whittaker, U.K., Kennel Bramatha in Suffolk, England. Thank-you so much to Sarah Whittaker for trusting us with this puppy.

Hips: OFA GOOD FR-5053G26F-VPI

EyesCERF NORMAL FEB 2012 (distichiasis on one eyelid), MAY 2013, AUG 2014 FR-366660; JANUARY 2017.

Patellas: OFA NORMAL FR-PA1830/26F/P-VPI


Coefficient of Inbreeding (to 8 gens): 2.8%

Genetic Diversity Analysis: Internal Relatedness = 0.06



Favourite activities:
Eating, retrieving, training, showing (she practically drags us into the ring!), stalking and pouncing, chasing swallows, butterflies and bumblebees across the prairie..

Theme song:
Well it should be "Under Pressure" by Freddie Mercury and David Bowie. But Jann Arden's "I can't make you stay" is appropriate at times.....

Favourite food:
Tea, meaty bones, grass & dirt and pretty much any kind of food


Cava has the kind of feisty and energetic personality that we love in a flat-coat! She is always keen to play and work and has a slightly mischevious sparkle in her eye at all times. She is definitely living up to her name, with a bubbly personality! 

Cava loves to follow her nose and spends a lot of time chasing scent trails across the prairie on our walks. She enjoys playing with our other dogs, especially Tinbie, but respects her "elders" in a very polite manner. She is a stalker and a pouncer, hiding in the long grass and waiting to ambush the other dogs.

Working Ability:

Cava is a joy to work with. She throws herself into every task with great gusto and focus. Her obedience training is progressing very well and she has lovely attention and style while heeling. Staying still is not her forte, but we are making headway there and she completed her CD in May 20113. In the field she is keen and driven and accompanied us on several hunts over the last 2 years. She gained her WC at the 2012 specialty.


Cava is maturing nicely. She has a lovely long body, beautiful head and expression, beautiful coat and she moves with great reach and drive. She has already had some successes in the show ring, winning best puppy in show at the Alberta specialty under judge Viv Bowen. She also won a best puppy in group under James Reynolds. Cava finished her Canadian championship very quickly, at 13 months old. She finished her American championship at 2.5 years old, in just 2 visits to the US, winning 4 majors in 5 days of showing in Montana.



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Cava's pedigree contains a nice mixture of some dogs that are familiar to us and some that are new.


Flat Garden's Eirik XVIII Black Mica's That's Priceless SU(U) CH NU CH Branchalwood Aylancoll
SU(U) CH Black Mica's That's For Sure
Nor SU(U) Ch Flat Garden's Mathilde IX NOR FIN SU CH Caci's Hell of a Lot
Flat Garden's Astrid VII
Marsalland Special Edition Bramatha Back to the Future NOR CH SH CH Cariena s Thirtyfour-Four
Bramatha Northern Dancer
Galleywood Rosy Blenheim
Sh Ch Grangehurst Galanthus
Galleywood Merton Beauty