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Tinbie x Larkin Litter - Week 3

This week they are more active, up on all four feet and trucking (in a clumsy fashion) around the whelping box. While their eyes are now open, it is hard to say whether they are able to interpret much of what they see just yet. But it sure is nice to see their twinkling eyes looking back at us!

It's always a bit of a relief when they get past the two week stage, as they are now less fragile and are able to regulate their body temperatures on their own to some degree.

They can now pee and poop on their own and are starting to make valiant efforts to at least get their front feet in the litter trays before they go! Larkin still cleans up after them when she's with them.

By Day 18 they are starting to interact with each other a lot more and with Larkin. They sometimes feed outside the box and then totter around the spare bedroom investigati

ng whatever they can find when they are done nursing. Then they fall asleep again.

They had their first de-worming this week and several more nail trims!

They have started to yawn, growl, bark and howl this week.

At the end of week three, they moved into our kitchen where they have a bigger pen and can experience the sights and sounds of everyday life in our house.




The new box layout with more litter tray space:

The biggest puppy (Blue) is now 2kg! The others aren't too far behind him.

At night, they get a crate in their pen and lots of litter trays: