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Tinbie x Larkin Litter - Week 1

Meet Tinbie and Larkin's puppies! They were whelped between 4:00 am - 10:00 am on Sunday October 2st. The last puppy was whelped at the vet clinic, as he was taking a long time to appear despite a lot of pushing from Larkin and we weren't sure how many puppies were left to come.. An x-ray revealed one puppy that was "ready for take-off", so the vet gave Larkin a dose of oxytocin and he appeared 20 minutes later. A big thank-you to Dr. Todd for meeting us as the clinic early on Sunday morning.

All four puppies are very vigorous and healthy and growing like weeds this week.

Puppy Number Sex Markings Collar Colour Birth Weight (g)
1 - Black Male   Red 419
2 - Black Male Tiny white chest patch Orange 482
3 - Liver Male   Green 459
4 - Liver Male   Blue 478

Larkin spends most of her time in the whelping box with the puppies, only leaving to go on short bathroom breaks and will only eat if she's served in the whelping box.

In the first few days, they have gained a lot of weight (from 9-13% of their body weight per day!). We have to be careful not to feed Larkin too much so that she doesn't produce more milk than they need. We have already had to use warm compresses to ease some of the pressure in her rear mammary glands as she seemed to be prepared to nurse 12 puppies, not 4! By Day 5 things seem to have balanced out quite well on that front. Phew.

Nail trimming begun on Day 3 and needs to be done every other day - it is always amazing how quickly puppy nails grow.

So far they are very content, fat and happy puppies!