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Blazingstar _ _ _ _ Litter - Week 2

The beginning of Week 2 was much the same as Week 1 - lots of sleeping, singing, nursing and crawling around the whelping box. Puffin is starting to spend more time away from the puppies, is joining us on all of our regular walks and is back to carrying firewood and chasing ground squirrels whenever possible. She is eating 4 huge meals a day to keep up with the demands of the puppies.

On Wednesday, Day 10, their eyes started to open. It is wonderful to suddenly see them looking at us, although they probably can't actually see very much just yet. They are also lifting themselves up off their back legs a lot more in their early attemps to walk rather than crawl.

Great Uncle Tinbie has been in to watch the puppies a few times. He'd like to be in the box with them, but for now he gets to lie down infront of it and watch.



The second half of week 2 did not go quite so smoothly. On Friday we found a small lump in one of Puffin's teats. Milking it down did not help and over the course of two hours it doubled in size and became very red. As mastitis can spread very quickly, we put in an emergency call to our vet (being Good Friday, the clinic was closed). We were able to get her on antibiotics very quickly and combined that with hot and cold compresses and cabbage leaves. By the next morning things were already looking better and she has continued to improve since then. Her teats were already back to almost normal by Sunday. Fortunately the puppies are still able to nurse with this particular antibiotic, so Puffin is able to stay with her puppies. We are glad we caught it quickly enough that she did not need to be removed from her puppies and put on stronger antibiotics.

In other news this week, their eyes have gradually been opening a bit more very day and we think that they can now hear as well. It is no longer possible to creep into the whelping room to check on them without them noticing! Their scratch reflexes have also kicked in and occasionally they will scratch at their collars. As you can see from the photos, they now take up a lot of room in the whelping box! We have to cut their nails every other day and we've added in filing them with an emery board to keep them from scratching Puffin. It takes close to an hour to complete pedicures on 8 puppies!

Eyes open, time to learn to read! Another new development this week - the introduction of the litter tray. They are too young to actually use it just yet, but by introducting it now they get used to it being part of their environment and aren't going to try to eat the litter.
Two Week Old Portraits Not surprisingly, it was an Easter theme this week. Liz thought that the baskets she bought would easily fit a puppy or two, but they actually barely fit in them at all!
Puppy 1 (female) Puppy 2 (female)
Puppy 3 (female) Puppy 4 (male)
Puppy 5 (male) Puppy 6 (female)
Puppy 7 (male) Puppy 8 (male)