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Blazingstar Rain Litter - Week 1

Meet Seymour and Puffin's puppies! They were whelped at a furious pace between noon and 3pm on Sunday. We could barely keep up! While daytime whelpings are a rare and wonderful thing, we would like everyone to know that Puffin kept us up all night the night before with her nesting and panting as she started going into labour. Puffin was wonderful - she cut all of the cords and did much of the work herself, with our close supervision.

There was a 9th puppy that did not make it. He did not show any signs of life when born and we spent a long time trying to revive him, but to no avail.

Puppy Number Sex Marked (hair clip) Collar Colour Birth Weight (grams)
1 Female Left Shoulder Red 220
2 Female Left Ribcage Orange 350
3 Female Left Rump Yellow 353
4 Male Top Neck Green 308
5 Male Top Back Blue 234
6 Female Top Tail Pink 350
7 Male Right Shoulder Purple 360
8 Male Right Ribcage Brown 300

These puppies are some of the lightest we've had, but they are all tremendously vigorous and are quickly gaining weight so we are not too worried about their birth weights.

Puffin is being a super mother and we have to drag her out of the whelping box to take breaks. She is eating, drinking, producing lots of milk and being a very attentive mother. She is in fantastic condition even after whelping 8 puppies. As usual, one of us is in the whelping room with the litter at all times, to make sure that no one gets accidently squished.


This is the first time we've ever tried collars on our puppies. They are called PupColours and are made out of very soft velcro. So far they seem very safe. We check the sizing a couple of times a day and adjust accordingly. They are still marked with hair clips so that we can tell who is who even if the collars come off.


In their first few days they have already had their nail cut once and their umbilical cords have fallen off.

By Day 5 Puffin is starting to spend a little bit more time away from her puppies, but not very much. We can persuade her to go on short 10 minute walks with the rest of the dogs, but she runs home the moment we start heading home. We were feeling very pleased and lucky that she has showed no interest in digging a more "natural" den outside. But all of that changed today when she quickly started an excavation under the wagon while Liz wasn't looking.

The puppies are gaining weight rapidly and they are all very close to doubling their birthweights. On Day 5, Puppy 6 is now the heaviest at almost 700 grams. Puppy 7 is close behind and Puppy 1 is still the smallest, but is catching up quickly. We have had to let their collars out every day!

We have decided on our litter theme - "rain". This is in recognition and honour of the fact that both the sire and grandsire are Rainesgift dogs and this breeding is a line breeding on the beautiful Berrie (Rainy Day and Sundays). Somewhat appropriately it was raining on the morning that they were born and it's raining again today (we won't mention the snow in between).. Let's hope this doesn't set us up for a rainy spring! The names will be simple, as we like simple, such as Blazingstar Rain Shadow, Blazingstar Rain Drops, Blazingstar Rain Shower...etc.

  We can now see that two of the male puppies have very small zippers, much like their Grandmother Teva had or perhaps a bit smaller. You can see Puppy 7's zipper if you look closely in this photo.
One Week Old Portraits By the end of the first week every puppy had more than doubled their birth weight.
Puppy 1 (female) Puppy 2 (female)
Puppy 3 (female) Puppy 4 (male)
Puppy 5 (male) Puppy 6 (female)
Puppy 7 (male) Puppy 8 (male)