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Aviation/ Aeronautics Litter - Week 7


Week 7 got off to a rocky start. Larkin had a mild digestive upset but then seemed to improve. But on Thursday she was very sick when we got up - a fever, didn't want to walk and was very lethargic and depressed. So we were at the vet clinic as soon as it opened. Blood tests and an ultrasound all pointed to a uterine infection, which can be very serious. She was put on an antibiotic and we sent various samples off to the lab in Calgary. By Friday morning she had not improved and repeating the bloodwork and ultrasound suggested that she might have a closed pyometra which is life-threatening and the best treatment option is removal of the uterus. So poor Larkin went into surgery on Friday morning. Surprisingly, after taking a good look at her uterus and examining the fluid it contained, our vet decided to leave it in and try an aggressive course of antibiotics and fluid therapy to see if it could be cleared up without spaying her. On Saturday morning we were very happy to bring Larkin home. She was still slightly fevered and rather sore, but by Saturday afternoon her temperature was back to normal and she was starting to feel better. She has continued to improve and the biggest challenge now is to keep her resting as she needs 2 weeks of rest to allow the incision to heal. We are very thankful that she seems to be responding the antibiotic treatment so well and did not have to be spayed.

Unfortunately she is on medications that do not allow her to nurse her puppies. But at least they are old enough that they no longer need her milk. Larkin is desperate to be with her pups, so we are devising some "clothing" that will allow her to spend some time with her puppies but they cannot nurse. Over the weekend we let the puppies spend some time with our other adult dogs in place of Larkin.

All of this has meant that we are bit behind in the website, but we have been taking weekly portraits and lots of other photos and hope to get them uploaded this week.

Larkin and her puppies just before she got sick.

This week the puppies got to spend some time in the "big dog yard" where they have lots of room to romp and run.

They are becoming proper little retrievers now - always carrying something around.

Learning about different surfaces, slopes and ramps

The prairie grasses are so tall here right now!

Blomkvist likes the puppies best when they are sleeping!

This week saw their first short car rides. We took them to another part of our property to walk them in the forest. We went on two trips, with four puppies per trip so that it was easier to keep track of them all!




The best toy ever - a Tim Hortons cup!

We are starting to take the puppies on longer walks (which are still very short, but they help to teach the puppies to follow). Salander likes to join in too!

They are pretty good at running full out!

They continued to have lots of visitors this week.

They also got to play with Tinder this week

Checking for milk.... just in case...

And they met Feather, the Weimaraner puppy! What big ears she has!








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