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Aviation/ Aeronautics Litter - Week 4

New this week - teeth! They are not fully erupted yet, but are getting there. They are also interacting and playing with eachother, Larkin and their toys much more.

While they are still relying almost entirely on Larkin's milk, once a day each puppy gets small amount of yoghurt with some children's probiotic mixed in. They love it and lick it eagerly off of our hands. We anticipate starting them on solid food by the end of Week 4.

The puppies are officially open to visitors now, although they only provide about 5-10 minutes of entertainment before falling asleep!

As you may have noticed above, we have decided on a litter theme that ties in with Pilot's name (Quills Flight Status) and also the history of our land (which used to be part of a WW2 airport training base). It also ties in loosely to Larkin's registered name (the connection being bubbles and air). The puppies' registered names will centre around the science of flight - such as Blazingstar Altitude.... Aerodynamic, Camber, Bernoulli, Pitch, Buoyant....etc.

Nail cutting continues.... almost every other day!

Early mouth-play


The puppies have had visitors this week!

After dinner nap

You can just see the emerging teeth in this puppy

In other news, the puppies got their first de-worming this week. Roundworms are pretty much unavoidable in puppies because they encyst in the mother and are activated upon pregnancy - although Larkin was de-wormed before she came into season, worming medications can only act on worms in the stomach. So we de-worm our puppies at 3, 5 and 7 weeks.

At 3.5 weeks, the puppies are even more playful and adventurous and after nursing, they toddle off in various directions to explore their environment. So we've added in things for them to explore, such as cardboard boxes (always a big hit) and a cat tunnel, which they love crawling through.

At the very end of Week 4 we let them explore outside, which they thought was very exciting. The other big event was the addition of solid food (well, mush food). I think that topped "outside" in their minds - they quickly lapped up their turkey/oatmeal/goatsmilk slurry and soon figured out that they needed to put their faces in the bowls, not their feet...

"Dessert" provided by Larkin


Enjoying their first "picnic". The downside to beginning to feed the puppies solid food is that their faces are usually covered in food in many of our photos!

You might notice that their collars have been removed - this week with the advent of teeth, they started grabbing at each others' collars, so they have been taken off. We put them back on during play sessions, when we are there to supervise. They still have their haircuts so that we can tell them apart.



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