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Pilot x Larkin Litter - Week 3

Week Three was highlighted by the opening of eyes and ears. By the end of Week Three the puppies react to sounds and are also showing signs of having some visual capabilities. We also started to see more interaction between puppies and the early beginnings of play. They also have become much more mobile and are peeing and pooping on their own and fairly good at using the litter trays (although we are not anywhere near 100% yet).

The biggest event was the move to a pen in our kitchen on Day 18. It's now important for them to experience the sights and sounds of our household. The pen is a big bigger than the whelping box and easier for Larkin to hop in and out of.

Larkin is doing very well - still loves to race around on walks and roll in the grass.



Preparing the kitchen pen

All set up! Puffin could watch "Puppy TV" all day long!`

How can this be comfortable? Typical flat-coat though, sleeping upside down.


One of the downsides of the new location is that it is much harder to get good photos, especially when they are all under the table. Larkin is now able to feed her puppies while she is sitting rather than lying down.



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