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Pilot x Larkin Litter - Week 2

Time seems to fly by when there are puppies in the house.

The puppies are doing very well and gaining weight very rapidly. By Day 11 they all weigh between 2lbs and 2.5lbs (900-1100 grams) and we are no longer weighing them every day because they are doing so well and they have outgrown the digital scale.

They had a bit of diarrhea at the beginning of week 2, most likely due to a combination of over-eating and Larkin still being a bit picky about the food she will eat. Fortunately Larkin is now much hungrier and happily eating a balanced diet again and the puppies' digestive systems are stabilizing again.

We have added pee pads and small litter trays to the whelping box. They are already making some valiant efforts to pee on that side of the box. We don't really expect them to use the litter tray just yet, but if we put the pellets in this early, they become part of the environment. If we add them later, they are considered "food", which isn't a good thing!

Larkin has decided that she'd much rather nurse her puppies outside of the box, and she manages to talk us into letting her do that most times. By Day 8 one puppy climbed out of the box, so we had to add another slat to the opening. By Day 11, Puppy 7 had managed to climb out even with the slat in place, so we removed the rail. They are robust enough now that the rail isn't needed to protect them from being squished accidently. In fact they were starting to wedge themselves under the rail and struggled to get out!

Breaking news - almost immediately fter typing " We don't really expect them to use the litter tray just yet,"..... Puppy 5 decided to prove me wrong by walking (well, wobbling) over to the litter trays and pooping in one of them. Pretty impressive for 11 days old!

This was immediately followed by another new behaviour - howling (courtesy of Puppy 7).





The whelping box with it's new furniture on Day 11.

By the end of the second week, we added bigger litter trays and every day they are getting better at using them.

Larkin's appetite is completely back to normal and more now. She gets at least four meals a day to help her produce enough milk for the growing puppies.

A couple of the puppies managed to climb out of the box by the end of the week, so we now have the full door in place. They are quite a bit more active now and can really beetle around the whelping box at great speed (but usually bumping into things and eachother because they can't see yet!). Speaking of seeing, their eyes are starting to open!








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