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Blazingstar Waterton/Glacier Peaks Litter - Week 9


CLICK HERE for their 9 Week Old Portraits

The last weeks of puppies always seem to fly by so quickly. Week 9 saw lots and lots of visitors, great progress in clicker training, walks to the river and their first vet visit and check-up. Everyone checked out healthy at the vet and they received their first vaccinations and microchips. We have been very lucky with the weather, with many warm sunny days that are perfect for outdoor play and training.


To get the puppies started on "how to learn" and keep their little minds busy, we have been clicker training them to sit still on a platform and also to perch on various items. They have all caught on very quickly and it makes photographing them much easier. We've also been training eye contact, which is a great way to teach focus and attention.

Puppy 1 sitting still on the platform

Two puppies on one platform (Puppy 1 and Puppy 5)

Three puppies on one platform - all of the boys - 5, 1 and 4. Most of our clicker training is done one-on-one, but whenever we get the platform out, they all pile on!



Here Puppy 3 shows off her eye contact skills

Puppy 4 is the only good one in this photo! Posing nicely on the platform, while the others try to eat it.....

Puppy 1 and Puppy 4. Puppy 5 is about to leave the scene....



We discovered that Puppy 1 loves to carry his food bowl around!



And if he gets the chance.....he likes to carry everyone's food bowl!

Some of our visitors this week were children - the puppies had a great time playing with them.