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Blazingstar Waterton/Glacier Peaks Litter - Week 4


Week 4 started with so many changes in the puppies. They are now walking quite well and trying out their voices. They have had a few more visitors and they seem to really enjoy all of the attention although they still tire out quite quickly. One of our visitors helped me to take some cute photos of the puppies' lovely heads and expressions at the beginning of the week. Later that afternoon, with the help of Kona's owner, the puppies got their first taste of solid food - a mix of ground turkey and goatsmilk. Just a small amount to start out - about a tablespoon each. It was a huge hit and they spent a long time looking for more!




By Tuesday they were given a bit more solid food, this time in individual bowls. We promised Kona that she could clean up afterwards, but I think she was a bit disappointed to see that the puppies cleaned out their bowls very well!




Wow, they sure didn't leave very much for Kona!


By the end of week 4 the puppies were getting two meals a day and Kona was helping to "supplement" them by regurgitating for them as well.

With them growing so quickly and starting to escape from the puppy pen, we enlarged their living space and put up taller sides. We also installed a much bigger litter tray and the puppies have been getting very good at using it. Almost all of their poops were landing in the litter tray by the end of week 4! This makes cleaning up so much easier.

The other big adventure this week was getting to explore the out of doors. Just small trips out to the lawn, under the strict supervision of humans and Kona. The puppies were lucky enough to have lots of visitors this week too.



Four Week Old Portraits. We have tried to do this at 4 weeks old with all of our litters.
Puppy 1 (male)
  Puppy 2 (female)
Puppy 3 (female)
  Puppy 4 (male)
Puppy 5 (male)