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Blazingstar Waterton/Glacier Peaks Litter - Week 3


The week started with a move to the puppy pen in our kitchen. They now get to be part of our busy household and experience a variety of sights and sounds. Everyone took the move in stride, including Kona. Their new pen is partly under our kitchen table and that was already one of her favourite spots to lie in our house. It also makes it easier for us to pick them up and play with them on a regular basis! Unfortunately the new digs are not as good for photography.

They are now able to poop and pee on their own, but Kona continues to work very hard to clean everything up! They are using the pee pads and pine litter, but definitely prefer the pee pads right now. But at least they are not eating the pine litter.

Reporting for week 3 has been a little delayed because of the arrival of the puppies' "aunt", Cava and Begbie's daughter, on September 11th. A single puppy litter is way more work than bigger litters, especially in the first week or two, so Cava and her puppy have been occupying a lot of our time. Cava needed a c-section, but is recovering well so far.

We would like to thank Judy, Jolene and Willy-Anne for helping us out by coming out and walking our "big dogs" and doing lots of socializing with the puppies while we were occupied with Cava and her puppy.



Kona continues to be a devoted mother and the puppies are obviously very well fed. She has her own ideas about some things and this week discovered that she could open our doors. Liz got up one morning to find that the back door was open and while Kona was happily in the pen with her puppies, when she stood up, she shook a lot of dirt out of her coat! We later noticed that she had dug a big hole in our cold frame box! She has subsequently let herself out on a few other occasions, so we are trying to remember to lock our doors from the inside! Fortunately she never gets into much trouble when she does this.

To her delight, she has resumed daily trips to the river and regular swimming and many water retrieves.. She is also quite happy about the fact that she now gets four large meals a day to help her provide her growing puppies with everything they need.


Our new cold frame - or, as Kona saw it "a whelping box with a dirt floor". This photo was taken before she realized its potential.....(and we left the lid up over night).

Puppy 2 shows off her newly emerging teeth and correct dentition!


Our cold frame, after Kona's night time escapades:


The new digs:


Three Week Old Portraits (Taken at 3 weeks and 2 days old). We decided to make use of some of our many sunflowers before we get a frost.    
Puppy 1 (male)
  Puppy 2 (female)
Puppy 3 (female)
  Puppy 4 (male)
Puppy 5 (male)