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Blazingstar Waterton/Glacier Peaks Litter - Week 2


In their second week the puppies have become more than just little black blobs. Their eyes started to open on Day 12 and were quite visible, but still not completely open by Day 13. They are also lifting themselves up on their legs a lot more now - almost walking, compared to the crawling of last week. They have also started to yawn and lick and by Day 12 they were starting to interact with us and each other.

Kona continues to be a wonderful mother but is now comfortable taking longer and longer breaks away from her brood. Now that they are bigger, they get much more milk with each feeding, so do not need to feed as frequently as they were. Kona is very much enjoying her "prairie holiday" and would like to be out running in the prairie as much as possible! She is remarkably fit and has been going on long walks with us and the other dogs.

Kona has been doing some digging, so we have to watch her carefully. All of our mother dogs have felt the urge to dig outdoor dens at this stage and it is just their natural instincts at work. We have a badger that has taken up residence in our area all summer and he/she has started digging up ground squirrels near the house. Kona thinks this is wonderful and eagerly tries to enlarge the holes at every opportunity.

At night Kona spends the whole night in the whelping box, caring for her puppies. We are still sleeping in the puppy room to keep an eye on things.

As usual, their nails were cut again - twice - this week. Puppy nails just seem to grow at a phenomenal rate and it's important to keep them short so that Kona does not get too scratched up. The puppies all weigh well over 2lbs and we have stopped weighing them every day, as they are doing so well.




As you can see, we are putting toys in the whelping box for the puppies to lie on. At first they always seemed to want to be under the toys, but now they are starting to clamber about on top of them. We also make sure that they get a variety of different surfaces to walk on, but all with good traction to help them develop their walking skills.

We are hoping that it will be "third time lucky" for us in using a litter tray. We have tried to introduce litter in the past, but the puppies want to eat the litter, so we have ended up removing it very quickly. On the advice of other breeders that have used litter with great success, we have introduced it very early - at the beginning of week 2. While they are not actually using it yet (they are still relying on Kona to pee and poop), they are getting used to it being part of their environment and hopefully won't consider it "food" when they start eating solid meals. There is a puppy pee pad underneath the pine litter. Puppy pee pads have worked well for us in the past, but by week 4 they become giant tug toys and have outlived their usefulness at that point.


Kona enjoying a break from the puppies (she is a ball-crazy dog!)



Enjoying prairie walks


Merry Christmas! These candy cane pillows have long been a favourite with our litters.



Reach up, waaay up!

Two Week Old Portraits    
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