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Blazingstar Hummingbird Litter - Week 7


Week 7 started with yet more visitors and few new additions to their play yard. The duck blind and decoys have been a big hit (they especially like to play behind the duck blind, where we can't easily see what they are doing!). Puffin has become much more playful with her puppies and is now "more than just a food-dispenser" to her puppies.

The weather has been mild enough that the puppies can now spend much of the day in their kennel run (which has a heated indoor area with crates, litter tray and toys and a large sunny outdoor run), although they still come back into the house at night. This means that we can frequently let them out on to the grass for potty breaks and cuts down on some of the lugging of 9 heavy puppies indoors and out! They rarely mess in the kennel run and much prefer to poop and pee outside on the grass. By taking them outside last thing before bed and first thing in the morning, we've had quite a few "poop-free" nights in their kitchen pen, which cuts down on the clean up and laundry.

We've also started working with the puppies one-on-one to get to know each individual better as this will help us decide the best matches between puppies and homes.



New additions to their diet this week include eggs, organ meat and a greater variety of vegetables.

Towards the end of the week, we had some lovely warm weather and were able to bring out the paddling pool and hoses - they had so much fun playing in the water. Also, they get to play with our other adult dogs and are starting to learn that not all dogs have a milk bar!




It is amazing how much fun you can have with a tarp!



Wet tarps are even more fun!


Fun with kale!

Walking on the teeter

Playing with Larkin

Seven Weeks Old Portraits Their 7 week old birthday coincided with Hallowe'en and our friend Jolene gave us some fun Hallowe'en toys that the puppies loved.

Puppy 1

Puppy 2

Puppy 3

Puppy 4

Puppy 5

Puppy 6

Puppy 7

Puppy 8

Puppy 9