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Blazingstar Hummingbird Litter - Week 6


This week the puppies got to spend even more time outside! This included an introduction to the "big dog yard" and their kennel run, although they spent quite a bit of time in the house as well. They loved having more room to run and play and we added various toys and other things to explore as the week went on. We provide them with a wide variety of objects of all kinds of materials (plastic, metal, wood, fabric, leather....etc.) to play with, things that make noise and jingle and jangle and squeak....and different surfaces to walk over, as you will see in the photos.. They also enjoyed a constant stream of visitors. As they are now quite good at grabbing each others' collars, they only wear them when we are there to supervise.

Their meals are getting pretty close to "big dog diets" now. They get a mixture of ground vegetables, beef, goatsmilk and oatmeal for breakfast, ground chicken necks and backs for lunch and a mix of ground chicken and beef or turkey for dinner. They were introduced to Acana Puppy and Junior kibble this week as well. They still nurse from Puffin from whenever they get the chance.












Six Weeks Old Portraits (plus 2 days). We introduce our puppies to bird wings at 6 weeks old, so this week's portraits feature them in full retriever mode!

Puppy 1

Puppy 2

Puppy 3

Puppy 4

Puppy 5

Puppy 6

Puppy 7

Puppy 8

Puppy 9