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Blazingstar Hummingbird Litter - Week 3


Week Three seemed to slip by rather quickly - our apologies for the lack of updates on our website! The puppies continue to eat, nap and grow. Their mobility increased by leaps and bounds and by the end of the week they were quite efficient little walkers. They put this mobility to advantage by escaping from the whelping box on several occasions. By Thursday they were quite skilled at using each other to hoist themselves up over the door of the whelping box and head in search of Puffin. This sent us scrambling to set up the bigger puppy pen in our kitchen and moving them on Friday.

The volume of pee they can produce has also increased dramatically, as did our laundry. We put puppy pee pads and their litter tray in one half of the box and bedding in the other half and they are starting to get quite good at peeing in the "correct" half of the box.


Setting up the puppy pen in the kitchen All done and Puffin approves (she loves to sleep under the kitchen table anyway). She can hop in and out as she pleases and the puppies can't escape (yet).

Not a great photo, but the cats think it's wonderful that the "Puppy Channel" is back on TV. Here Blomkvist sits on the puppy garbage can to get a better view through the kitchen door!

Puffin taking a much-needed break on a lovely Fall day.
Three Weeks Old Portraits (well a day short of 3 weeks old) With snow and rain in the forecast for Saturday, we took advantage of the lovely fall weather on Friday for some outdoor portraits.
Puppy 1 (male) Puppy 2 (female)
Puppy 3 (female) Puppy 4 (female)
Puppy 5 (male) Puppy 6 (female)
Puppy 7 (male) Puppy 8 (female)

Puppy 9 (male)