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Blazingstar Hummingbird Litter - Week 2


Week Two continues much as Week One..... their days are filled with nursing and sleeping and a slightly increased amount of crawling around the whelping box. They are becoming less reliant on external heat sources, so we are now able to start to drop the temperature in their room a bit (which is much nicer for the human attendants and also for Pufifn).

Puffin is taking longer breaks and now joins us on all of our walks with the other dogs, although is being kept out of the river for a bit. We have cattle here at the moment and in the last two days Puffin has done some epic fresh-cow-pie-rolling, so she's had two baths. She may have to be on leash walks for a while if this continues! She is lovely and clean now though.

Everyone continues to gain weight quickly and the bigger puppies have outgrown our small weigh scale. The two smallest puppies are well over 500g now and it is becoming more difficult to pick them out of the crowd based on their size. All puppies have doubled their birth weights. Nail trimming has become an almost daily activity now and our method of "stealth-cutting" is becoming more challenging as they are now very responsive to us being in the box with them (versus staying in a sleepy-dreamy state while we secretly trim their nails).




On Wednesday we added a small "litter box" to the whelping box. They do not need it yet, as Puffin is doing a fantastic job of cleaning up, but we have found that we need to introduce the compressed pine pellets at a very young age, before they are interested in solid food (otherwise they try to eat them). This way they become part of their environment early on and not something that is considered edible!

In the second half of the week, we started to see some serious attempts at walking and by the end of the week, their eyes were opening. They also started to produce masses of pee, so our washing machine has been very busy and we introduced some puppy pee pads to the whelping box.




Two Weeks Old Portraits This week we celebrated the start of Fall with some "leafy" portraits. The puppies barely fit in the box we put them in and many of them thought it was so comfortable, they fell asleep!
Puppy 1 (male) Puppy 2 (female)
Puppy 3 (female) Puppy 4 (female)
Puppy 5 (male) Puppy 6 (female)
Puppy 7 (male) Puppy 8 (female)

Puppy 9 (male)

A couple of "out-takes"