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Blazingstar Hummingbird Litter - Week 1

Meet Flip and Puffin's puppies! They were whelped at a speedy pace between 5 am and 9 am on Sunday September 13th. As is usual, Puffin kept us up all night the night before with her nesting and panting as she started going into labour. Again, Puffin was wonderful - she cut cords and did most of the work herself, under our close supervision.

As with her last litter, there was one stillborn puppy that we were not able to revive, despite extensive efforts. She has once again produced puppies in a very wide range of sizes (birth size in dogs is directly related to their placement in the uterus, with smaller puppies being attached to areas with a bit less nourishment and often very close to another puppy). While the small puppies are a bit of a worry because they are more likely to be pushed off a nipple by the larger puppies, we keep a very close eye on them and make sure they get plenty of time at the milk bar. Both Orange and Blue are very strong and vigorous.

Puppy Number Sex Marked (hair clip) Collar Colour Birth Weight (grams)
1 - Black Male Left Shoulder Red 345
2 - Liver Female Left Ribcage Orange 237
3 - Black Female Left Rump Yellow 396
4 - Liver Female Top Neck Green 361
5 - Black Male Top Back Blue 266
6 - Black Female Top Tail Pink 396
7 - Black Male Right Shoulder Purple 311
8 - Black Female Right Ribcage Lavender 391
9 - Liver Male Right Rump Light Blue 470

Puffin is being a super mother and we have to drag her out of the whelping box to take breaks. During Day 1 and 2, she has not wanted to leave the puppies at all, so her breaks are ridiculously short. She is eating, drinking, producing lots of milk and being a very attentive mother. Once again, she is in fantastic condition even after whelping 9 puppies. As usual, one of us is in the whelping room with the litter at all times, to make sure that no one gets accidently squished.





Day 3 saw their first nail trims (it never ceases to amaze us how quicky puppy nails grow). At this age, the easiest way to trim nails is with a pair of human nail scissors and the human sits in the whelping box and quietly clips nail while the puppies sleep and nurse. Puffin's nails also need trimming, but we will save that trauma for another day or two.

Puffin continues to do well - eating lots and now taking very slightly longer breaks. By Day 4 she voluntarily removed herself from the whelping box on a few occasions. As usual, this comes with her starting to look around for "alternatives" for her puppies, so we have to keep a close eye on her when she goes outside and keep her away from our dirt pile!

All of the puppies are steadily gaining weight. We still have to make sure that the two smallest ones get their turn at the milk bar, but they are making huge weight gains now, which is a very good sign.

The liver male has a slight zipper or cowlick on his face - no doubt inherited from his grandmother, Teva. There were two puppies with cowlicks in Puffin's last litter as well.




By the end of week 1, everyone has almost doubled in weight. Puffin continues to be a great mother, sleeping with her puppies all night (and washing and feeding them constantly), but is taking longer breaks from them during the day.  
One Week Old Portraits We removed their collars after we noticed they were rubbing the puppies' skin. They all have hair clips to mark them, so that we still know who is who. Here are all of the little fat puppies at one week of age:
Puppy 1 (male) Puppy 2 (female)
Puppy 3 (female) Puppy 4 (female)
Puppy 5 (male) Puppy 6 (female)
Puppy 7 (male) Puppy 8 (female)

Puppy 9 (male)