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Cooper x Sibley Litter - Week 2

Week two brings more nursing, more sleeping and yet more nail trimming! Everyone continues to do very well and they are growing at a terrific rate. As always, we maintain a diligent watch on puppies and their mother, sleeping on a mattress right next to the box at night.

They saw a few furniture additions in their whelping box - more toys to snuggle with and climb on and a small litter tray so that they get used to the wood pellets being in their box. We have found that if they are introduced too late, the puppies think the pellets are food.

By the end of week 2 the puppies weighed almost 3lbs, with the exception of Lime girl who is now over 3lbs. The end of the week was "celebrated" with their first deworming and the removal of the puppy rail (as they no longer fit underneath it!).

The biggest develop news was the opening of their eyes at the end of week 2! It's so magical to finally see a little twinkle in their eyes.

Sibley is now taking some longer breaks away from her puppies, mostly by going on walks around our property but also joining our other dogs in fun activities such as working on frozen kongs and bones!

11 Days Old:

Sibley enjoying a break from puppies:

On Tuesday, the Teal puppy posed for a Westminster portrait, in honor of their great uncle Austin, who won best of breed:






WEEK 2 PORTRAITS (They turned 2 weeks old on Valentine's Day)


Puffin got to meet her grand puppies this week:

Orange puppy showing off the twinkle in his eye:

The whole gang at 2 weeks old:

Purple Girl

Teal Boy


Lime Girl

Orange Boy (he slept through his portrait session!)