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GCh Blazingstar Rain Delay CDX RA WC (Amber)

Amber on the left



Amber lives with her co-owners, Darren and Michele, and Tinbie's son, Blue, in Edmonton.

She's a sweet, biddable dog who also loves to romp, leap and play like her mother and littermates. Her agility is quite remarkable and she is the first dog we've had here that sails up on to the cat's table in the kennel (which up until Amber, was high enough to provide the cats with a safe place away from the dogs!).

Amber is very soundly built and has gorgeous breed type. Her head is an excellent example of a typical flat-coat female head. . She quickly finished her Canadian Championship and completed her Grand Championship, all owner-handled.

In 2019 Amber placed second in a large Open class at the US Specialty under breeder-judge Helen Sztosak. A few weeks later, at the Canadian Specialty, Amber was awarded a Judges Award of Merit under UK breeder-judge Karen Joyce. Her critique reads "Smaller sized bitch who showed and was handled well. Balanced in profile standing and moving. Strong bone and good feet. Pretty head with melting expression, good reach of neck into well set shoulders, level top-line and correct bend of stifle. Moved true carrying her constantly wagging tail straight off her back. A happy show girl."

Amber is a keen retriever and has several JH legs in both the USA and Canada.

In 2019, Amber had a lovely litter of two girls, sired by Ch Prairielight Lion Tamer, using semen that was over 20 years old. Blaize and Kini are growing up to be lovely, enthusiastic dogs.




Date of Birth: April 6th, 2014

Colour: Black

Gender: Female

Bred by: Blazingstar

Hips: FR-5878G33F-VP Good

Eyes: Normal August 2019, February 2021

Elbows: FR-EL2802F33-VPI Normal

Patellas: FR-PA2514/33F/P-VPI Normal

Heart: Advanced Cardiac Normal FR-ACA11/30F-PI

Coefficient of Inbreeding (to 8 generations): 6.2%

Genetic Diversity Analysis: Internal Relatedness = 0.29


Amber and her mother, Puffin (above)


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